Previously Done Little Lights

I made one Little Light, in November 2020, just to play around with the little one sitting on my dresser. The moment I posted it on the shop instagram, it blew up. Messages on messages about people interested in buying it. It still blows my mind that a boredom idea turned into the most popular design/idea/item I've created. The amount of love for this, really makes me happy.

The first Little Light was made to look like it dropped into the frozen waters of Europa. It has then expanded to Mars, Venus, the Moon, and other locations. Not to mention all the customs where people designed their own Little Light and the way it looks. Triangles, rectangles, shots, Macaroons, Vex Milk, crystals, jars, etc.They have improved, that is for sure. Newer ones to oldest photoed. 

Here are mostly (there is over 140) all of the triangles that have been created, either as commissions or in general! Little Lights are one of one. I will not recreate one that has already been done. All can also be seen fully on Instagram.