Shipping & Returns.

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Processing Times. 

Orders are typically taken to the post office on Mondays and Fridays.

Error with Shipping Address (US Buyers). 

If this error pops up, please email ASAP. This is a Shopify known issue without a fix at the moment. The order will be created and an invoice will be sent to the email on the account. Setting up an account helps tremendously. 

Europe, United Kingdom, Australia Buyers. 

UK orders starting December 31, 2020 will be ending from the shop.
Starting January new VAT & Brexit laws take effect and it limits what small shops, like my own, can do without going through a long process. The EU has started the VAT code on July 1, 2021. Etsy came out and said they will be adding the VAT tax during checkout for the buyer to pay.

Any IN STOCK item should be emailed/messaged so a custom listing on Etsy can be made. A item cannot be held. 

  • Subject: International Order
  • Just include your name and items (photos/screenshots are fine) in the email! 

Shipping Rates & Fees. 

Shipping fees are non-refundable and we are not responsible for shipping fee prices and these cannot be adjusted. These rates are set by carriers, companies, and countries by details of the order. 

International Fees/Taxes/Tariffs.

We are not responsible for any taxes and customs fees applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer.

USPS tracking ID numbers work reliably within the US and not outside of the countries borders. You are able to put a phone number to receive those tracking details in a text once the item has shipped. For international orders, you are not 100% guaranteed a tracking ID number once the package leaves the USA. 

 All orders are packed with care. Depending on the items in the order different packaging materials will be used to offer as much protection as possible. Bubble mailers, poly self-seal bags, tissue paper, bubble wrap, cardboard inserts, etc. 

Damaged Packaging.

The seller is not responsible or liable for any items damaged during transit.  As each order is packaged to avoid any damage to the product, we cannot control how it is handled once it leaves. If there is an issue with the order, please email. 

Where is my Order?

Sometimes an order says delivered but isn't physically there. There could be a few reasons in which this happens. Sometimes there are mistakes with an address that was incorrectly inputted during the order process, moved and forgot to leave a forwarding address. There's also the option that the carrier made mistake and delivered a package to a neighbor. Be sure to check with your local carrier as there are also other scenarios why your package was marked delivered and not physically there. 

  •  If your address was correct, contact USPS to sort through the issue. I will do my best to help sort through some issues but if it is marked as delivered, it is out of my hands. 

Returns & Exchanges. 

Unfortunately, we do not offer returns or exchanges with any products. Everything is considered a final sale. If there is an issue, please email. 


If there is a mistake with your order you have 5 hours of purchase to request a cancellation of your order to receive a refund. 

Returned & Missing Packages Due to Shipping Address.

All shipping addresses should be check upon checkout, it is up to the buyer to input the correct address or contact via email, with the order number, the updated address. There are no refunds for packages that are "missing" due to incorrect address.  If the package is returned, I will reach out via email to get the corrected but the buyer is responsible for the re-shipping fee. 

Packaging & Handling.
All items are not eligible for resale.